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Re: ow-ies

Sports Medicine Boots for the horse with dressage techniques at first with
instructor, but there are a # of good how to books out.  For human, see in
SMB also makes ankle support like the knee ones.  There are Air Splints
that we use in ER for sprained ankles and the air can be customized and
shapes to the ankle and then a good sturdy ace bandage.  Custom braces can
be made but are expensive, unless insurance will cover them.  When I had
fracture in my outside bone( 5th metatarsal) but didn't know for a while, I
wore high boots for riding and took antiinflammatory meds.  An ace under
some good riding boots may work.  good luck, Mary Ann, Tx

From: Spiritdog2 <>
Subject: ow-ies
Date: Monday, May 18, 1998 12:02 AM

Dear ridecampers,

I need your combined expertise in some matters.  I have been out of
for about 4 years due to foaling and other issues.  However, I had hoped to
get back into it this year with some 25's and start to shoot for a 50.

Here's the picture.....
my endurance saddle was stolen right out of my yard so until I can save
money, well, I'm stuck with my old western saddle.  My knees always give
on me when I ride so I have to wear braces on both legs.  Due to a rather
previous injury to my left ankle I discovered today that it keeps caving in
when I ride and won't support me when I post so now I need to find some way
support my ankle as well as my knees.  I need some suggestions on a GOOD
Next problem,  my transportation has taken to interfering in the front
badly.  I have had my farrier out several times and we have made several
changes to her shoes.  No improvement.  She interferes right through ankle
boots and splint boots.  The farrier thinks it might just be because she is
out of shape and that as she gets in condition she will gain control over
front legs.  In the meantime, however, I need to protect her legs while I
train her.  There's got to be a way.  I know we sound like maybe we should
just call it quits but we both love the sport so much, I believe we're
addicted.  She is only happy when she is tractering up some hill and even
though my body is falling apart, I gain such mental balance when I'm out
her that I just must continue.

anyone got any ideas?????

Randi/Spiritdog Ranch

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