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> I see the judges becoming so picky in order to get placements that it
> is
> turnig people off.  I see judges hiding in the brush and horses
> spooking
> and losing points because they spooked at something in the brush
> moving.  I
> see a lot of stuff that doesn't make much "horse sense" at these
> rides.
> That is really too bad, and because of it a lot of people are going
> directly to LD without the sensitivity to the horse they need before
> they
> add speed to equation.
> Truman
> For years I rode dressage competitions. Judging of those competitions
> is mostly a subjective matter! 
> When I discovered, my new horse had a better condition than
> "movements" I hoped to leave judging. Health and gaits are objective,
> I thought. With help of Dutch endurance riders I started training and
> riding.
> Hearing the stories on ridecamp I ask myself: Did I take the right
> decision preparing the horse for comptitive endurance or maybe 'non
> competitive riding' is the only thing possible to enjoy the sport?
> Hugo (and Lazy Lincoln)

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