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Re: feed questions

Anastasia Hurley wrote:
> 1) Someone on the list said that they fed flax seed. I am thinking of
> adding it to Elvis' ration as he is not that keen on corn oil
> Is there any downside to feeding flax seed? Do you have to soak it first
> or anything?

I'm not the only one, but I feed a little flax seed to Dakota to give
him a shiny coat for showing.  Flax seed is especially high in some of
the fatty acids that give a nice coat, but I wouldn't count on it as a
source of fat per se.  Flax seed is the source of linseed meal, which is
*extremely* high in protein, so the disadvantages of too much protein
outweigh the advantages of a little fat.  But you don't have to soak it
or anything.
> 2) Beet pulp - this I know that I have to soak :-)
> Can I feed Beet pulp or is that going to cause a problem as my horse is
> allergic to molasses.*

Beet pulp already has most of the sugar extracted, and what's left is a
somewhat different compound from molasses.  So give it a try, start out
with small amounts and see how he does.  If the reactions come back,
just stop feeding it. :-)

Good luck!

> * The allergy (maybe should call it a reaction) manifests itself as moon
> blindness. (Also cannot tolerate ivermectin as it brings on attacks) My
> vet says that the molasses thing makes no sense but you can't argue with
> no attacks in a couple years.
> Stasia
> e

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