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results of completion survey

>Well, ridecampers, here goes. I received over 30 emails in response to our
>completion award question. Some we've never thought of and since I had a few
>posts from some ride managers wanting to know I thought I'd list EVERYTHING
>and let everyone enjoy or be jealous as the case may be. :)
>Basically the gist of all the messages was that riders like a completion
>award that is not "cheap or stupid" and that you can use yourself, anything
>you can use for your horse, or something specifically for camping. Riders
>REALLY LIKE items with the ride logo on it either labels, silk-screen or
>embroidered (but NOT with a felt marker.) :) From a marketing standpoint
>this is a great way to advertise your ride.
>Gift certificates were also listed either as a $$$ off coupon for the next
>year's ride, also to be given to people who did not complete as an incentive
>to come back. 
>For every item mentioned that was greatly appreciated, i.e. buckets,
>t-shirts, there were always some other response that these were duds as that
>particular recipient already had tons more than they wanted. The answer to
>this dilemma came from a couple of ride managers where they offer choices to
>all riders. The choices would be in the same dollar range and the rider is
>free to pick from 3 different things. Example: Halter with lead rope,
>t-shirt, first aid kit.
>Everybody agreed that for top 10 and BC awards something nicer was in order
>such as horse blankets, summer or winter (w/ride logo, of course), saddle
>blankets, polar fleece lap throws or rump rugs, camp chairs (w/ride logo), etc.
>There were some unanimous "DUDS" listed and those I'll post privately if
>anyone wants to know what they are. One thing to think about that we had not
>considered is that artwork that resembles Arabians is not always as well
>liked by people with other breeds.
>Here goes:
>Buckets, feed buckets, muck buckets, big buckets
>Waterbottle that could attach to saddle
>Quality Grooming supplies i.e. brushes personalized with ride logo or
>         artwork of horse or ride logo on back
>Nice lead ropes
>Canvas or Duffle bag with ride logo on it "great for vet checks"
>Bale of Hay bag
>Ride photos with frame - many commented that they really liked this idea.
>Gift Certificate off of next year's ride
>Pkgs. of Electrolytes
>50 lb bags of feed
>Cantle bags
>Easyboot bags
>Ride card bags
>Baseball hat w/ride logo
>Sponge with rope and snap
>First aid kits
>Things for camping: camp chairs w/ride logo
>Mugs with artwork or ride logo or endurance saying
>Mug mentioned above filled with hoofpicks, combs, horse treats, etc.
>Glow sticks - especially for "after dark" distances
>Toolkits: screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
>Step stools
>Rubbermaid Containers of all sizes for camping, tack, etc.
>Saddle pads/Blankets
>Bag with Fly spray, jar of swat & pkg. of horse treats...
>Art - decorations
>Survival packs with lip balm, sunscreen, etc. in small fanny pack.
>Embroidered patches w/ride logo
>Hay bags
>Penlight flashlights, 
>Reflective leg wraps
>Polo wraps w/ride logo embroidered on
>Evaporative sportswear bandana
>Ice boots
>Some of the above are obviously a Top Ten or BC kind of award, but that is
>for the ride managers to decide and everybody has their sources for all
>these things and prices will vary considerably.
>Do other countries give out completion awards? What about ridecampers in
>South Africa, Australia and Europe? We'd love to hear from you!
>Thank you to all those that posted! We've got some great ideas now! Thanks!
>Toni Jones and Shagya Stallion O'Biwon
>Central Oregon - Prineville Ridge Riders putting on 
>The Prineville Ride and Bandit Springs
> >

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