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Re: Paperwork for Washington to Oregon?

In a message dated 98-05-14 19:39:41 EDT, writes:

<< I'm thinking about going down to Oregon next weekend for the Molalla ride.
I called the vet to get a Coggins, and she told me that this was unnecessary;
however, that I needed a health certificate, and that the health certificate
would be filled in with dates of travel, destination, etc.  I thought that all
of this was null and void with some sort of new six-month certificate... >>

Dear Cheryl--

Oregon and Washington do, indeed, have a reciprocal agreement regarding
Coggins tests, so one is not required to cross from one to the other.
However, both a health certificate and a brand inspection are required.
Regarding health certificates, there are two types:  the one-trip certificate,
and the 6-month certificate.  For the one-trip certificate, the vet must fill
in the travel date and the destination, as you have indicated above.  For the
6-month certificate, you must have your brand inspection certificate prior to
the issuance of the health certificate, as the veterinarian must fill in the
brand inspection information and certificate number onto the certificate.
Then it is up to you to record travel dates and destinations on a copy of the
certificate, and to return that copy to the state when your 6 months are up.
Unfortunately, the 6-month certificate is in danger of being discontinued
because horsemen have not been complying with the requirement to turn the
certificates back in.

Heidi Smith, DVM--Sagehill Arabians (Oregon)

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