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Re: Apology about coggins

Dear Becky,
    Those people who do not live with their mouth in their foot on a regular
basis never, ever learn nearly as much as those of us who do!!!  We are the
geniuses of the human race . . . and we are also usually willing to proclaim
the fact.  (and thus receive, yet ANOTHER lesson . . . <G>)
    Keep talking, and tell hubby that there is plenty of time to be quiet
after one is dead . . .

Yours in "foot-in-mouth" disease, 
(and eternally unapologetic for it . . .)
Trish & "pretty David"
Great White, Michigan

 Sorry vets- boy, do I need to open mouth insert foot!  I realize now that
 don't really make much on coggins- only know that our central FLA lab only
 charges $2.50. My husband always says I talk too much- twenty lashes with a
 wet noodle!!
 Becky >>

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