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Re: Ride & Tie

I just heard that on the season's finale of "Chicago Hope" the main 
character, Mark Harmon?, mentions Ride&Tie. I didn't see it but it was 
on last night 5/13 at 10:00 PM in the Bay area. I don't know the 
channel. As I heard it, he is sitting with his girlfriend talking about 
a past event from a few episodes ago. There he had been beat up and 
stabbed or something and thought he was going to die and he had two 
final thoughts. Now in this finale episode he tells her what he had 
thought. He said that one had been he had wondered about how their 
relationship would have turned out and the other was that he was sorry 
that he had never done a ride & tie!  She says "What's that?" And he 
goes on to explain the sport, how they would be a good team because they 
both run and their legs are the same length, they wouldn't have to 
change the stirrups, etc. Then a little later in a tender moment he asks 
her if they can make a commitment. She thinks he is going to ask her to 
get engaged, but he says, "Will you do a ride & tie with me?"

Will someone verify this?


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