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Re: fast/slow twitch and mules

We did muscle biopsies on about 40 mules at Cal Poly and they were
similar in their muscle fiber type distribution to what you would expect
to see in a quarter horse---that is, more fast twitch fibers than slow
twitch.  HOWEVER, these were all draft type mules used for pack trips at
high altitude and had come from similar breeding.  The mares they used
were all quarter horse/draft cross mares, no thoroughbreds or arabians
in the bunch.  Since there ARE some arab-derived mules doing very well
in endurance, I would tend to think that the mare used is very
influential in what the mule's muscle fiber types would be.

Susan Garlinghouse

sandy lundberg wrote:
> Does anybody know how mules compare to arabs and quarter horses as far
> as fast or slow twitch muscles is concerned? I know it would vary
> depending on the mare you used.
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