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Re: Respiration as recovery index???

>So, I figured when we pull a hill I would use his respiration as a
>recovery index but I have no guidance.

I tried this when I first started out.  My App would blow really deep
when at about 72, then as he recovered he would begin to pant and it
would go back UP, but I now know his heartrate was going down.  You don't
seem to be having this problem (it is humid here) but that's one problem
with using respiration.  So long as yours isn't panting, you may be
pretty close.

  We pulled a nice long steady
>hill on Sunday and at the top the first 15 seconds his respiratory was
>22.  By the end of a minute it was 18 and I could feel he wasn't fully
>recovered.  Keep in mind I'm having him walk while he recovers.  Why?
>Because I don't want him to stiffen up and I know for humans that they
>should keep moving so they don't get cramps.  I'm sure there are other
>reason though...anyone want to share?

I don't worry too much about cramps unless there's a cold wind blowing or
something. They say a little bit of walking helps move "whatever" on out
of the muscles and actually can make them drop faster.  I like to do a
gradual slowdown as I near a vet check:  Fast trot, slower trot, slow
trot, then get my in time and walk in.

>So, next hill was not as long or as steep, his first 15 seconds was at
>18, by the time a minute is up he is breathing normally and I
>guess-a-mate completely recovered.
>Are there some guidelines someone can throw at me in regards to this?
>Is this a good idea?

Sounds like a normal training ride to me.  The only time I'm able to get
recoveries that take more than a minute or 3 to come down are on long
sustained climbs.

Angie & Kaboot

>Thanks in advance and happy, safe riding to you'all!
>Kimberly & Mystery the Morab
>Pt.Reyes, CA

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