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Re: feeding schedules

At 03:18 PM 5/12/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I have a question for the vets and tech types.  How important is being prompt
>when feeding i.e. scheduling the times? 

	Back when I was a barn manager, I used to think it was a big deal. Then I
met a 3-day eventer who expalianed that she fed within a 2-hour window
(with free-choice hay), as at an event, she had less control of the
schedule, and didn't want to add more stress to the horses. If their
feeding time was not carved in stone, they seemed less anxious.
	I tried this out, and found that it works for me. Been doing it for over
15 years now. Good thing, too, as my schedule would make it impossible tof
my crew to eat at set times!
				--CMNewell, DVM

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