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Re: Just curious/survival skills (Was: search & rescue/kicking incident)

I agree.  I broke my ankle at the top of Angeles Crest on the Pacifice Crest
Trail.  Getting back up on my horse would have been impossible without the
help of a very nice gentleman who took it upon himself to stay with me all the
way back to my trailer.  I would have given half my kingdom for a helicopter
ride instead of the two-hour trail of torture on a nervous, jigging horse on a
two foot wide trail.  I had tunnel vision so bad all I could see was the base
of my new friend's horses tail. Technicolor describes it perfectly.  I was
lucky there was someone to help or I would have had to grab on to my horses
tail and let her drag me down the mountain!  I guess the poit is, sometimes
you just might not be able to ride your horse out and it pays to be prepared
with survival skills.  Certainly can't hurt.

Randi/Spiritdog Ranch and "I'd never leave you, honest!" Daughter 

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