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Re: Just curious/survival skills (Was: search & rescue/kicking in cident)

Angie Orr wrote:

>  I just got over a sprained ankle and a
> week after the accident I tried to ride and could barely stand the pain,
> I couldn't imagine riding with it broke right after I did it.

I was kicked on my lower leg by my husband's old horse while on a remote
section of trail.  We were almost certain that it was broken (turned out it
was a green stick - not as bad as we thought).  I wanted to get off and sit
on the ground as I was light headed & in pain, but Mike insisted that I stay
on and ride at a walk to a trail head where he could get help to me.  I'm
very glad that I did!  Help was there sooner for me because of it.   It hurt
no matter how I traveled, so I planned on help getting there sooner with
pain medicine.  I remember how light headed I was, and in shock, but the
horse helped me!

The horse I rode went from a snorting maniac (first time ever off the farm)
to a guardian angel through the ditches and streams.  I really believe that
he knew I was hurt.

There are many times when we ride in places that are inaccessible even by
helicopter.  I've remember this lesson - get out on your own if at all
possible, and make sure folks know where you are heading, if possible.  You
may not be thinking straight and go the wrong direction.  Had I gotten off,
I would never have gotten back on again.

Linda Flemmer

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