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Re: Heartrate Threshold

> A heartrate of 240 is generally considered to be approaching fibrillation in
> the horse. I think you're getting a bad reading. Thoroughbreds race in record
> time with heartrates in the 216 to 222 range.
> ti

Are you sure, Tom ?

With my horse Ligeira, a partbred arab, I read a 235-238 max. on hills over the
years, when she gives 100% (a screaming fast horse and has a heart and fights like
a lion).
My younger horse, Natasha, I stopped her recently around 212-215 for some hundred
yards on my long hill, and I feel she was about 90-95% of her WORKmax, so I
suggest her HRmax. is not far below 235. All these measurements looked quite
stable (HRM model: V-MAX EHRM basic). Of course they can be inaccurate
nevertheless, but I never had unreasonable readings such as >250.
I suggest there are some elite athletes out there with a HRmax. of +-240. Other
experiences ?

regards from old Europe

Frank Mechelhoff (Germany)

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