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Re: Heartrate Threshold

Hello Frank 
My guess is that something is loose to cause those extremely high
readings.  I have seen that happen and
tightening my girth, cleaning the tips of the wires that plug into the
electrodes, using more gel, duct-taping the snaps of the leads onto the
transmitter, etc. fixed it.

When everything is right I have trouble with getting the heart rate up as
high as 200 on the biggest mountain climbs with several different fit
endurance horses.  Even at a wide open gallop I cannot get the
heart rate to stay much above 180-190 for very long at all.  Most Arabs
are anaerobic well below this rate and cannot go for long in that state.

Dave Bennett
Chickamauga, Georgia

On Tue, 12 May 1998 17:10:55 +0200 writes:
>> A heartrate of 240 is generally considered to be approaching 
>fibrillation in
>> the horse. I think you're getting a bad reading. Thoroughbreds race 
>in record
>> time with heartrates in the 216 to 222 range.
>> ti
>Are you sure, Tom ?
>With my horse Ligeira, a partbred arab, I read a 235-238 max. on hills 
>over the
>years, when she gives 100% (a screaming fast horse and has a heart and 
>fights like
>a lion).
>My younger horse, Natasha, I stopped her recently around 212-215 for 
>some hundred
>yards on my long hill, and I feel she was about 90-95% of her WORKmax, 
>so I
>suggest her HRmax. is not far below 235. All these measurements looked 
>stable (HRM model: V-MAX EHRM basic). Of course they can be inaccurate
>nevertheless, but I never had unreasonable readings such as >250.
>I suggest there are some elite athletes out there with a HRmax. of 
>+-240. Other
>experiences ?
>regards from old Europe
>Frank Mechelhoff (Germany)

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