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Re: Books

Dear Cbarrel (I KNOW that isn't your real name now!!!),
    "Endurance and Competitive Trail Riding" by Wentworth Tellington and Linda
Tellington-Jones is considered a classic in the field.  It is unfortunatly out
of print, last I heard, but look around, you never know . . .
     As far as magazines, "The Whole Horse Journal," while not strictly
endurance-related, is every issue chock full of good info on keeping your
equine friend healthy and sound using non-invasive, natural procedures such as
Acupressure, stretching, TTouch, etc. as well as articles on how to help your
horse stay mentally sound and happy too.  Phone # for subscription is

<< Being a newbie to endurance, what would the best books to read on the
 Magazine subscriptions? >><

Trish & "pretty David"
Grand Blanc, Michigan

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