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Re: Weigh Stations & Horse Trailers

Steph, sorry I got the digest Dated Sun, 10 May 1998 20:21:52 -0700 where
you requested:

>>> This could probably be discussed outside of Ridecamp....<<< in at the
time I sent my request to Teddy asking:


	Are "R.V" license plates an option for all states?  (I know, I'll find out
when I get your book)  Are they an option for my "plain jane" rig -- F250 +
Stock Trailer (in which I carry all camping gear and which entire rig is
used solely in pursuit of my "recreation"???

Please ake this private if you think it should be, but I think others might
be interested(??)

Quite honestly, I've appreciated Teddy's efforts on our behalf.  I thought
I had everything under control when the NC DMV swooped down on us!!!
Surely there are lots of us similarly confused!

Barbara (in a LITTLE rig!!!!)

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