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Re: Going to Biltmore?

At 10:01 AM 5/10/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>Also, if your rig weighs 10,000 or more (total) you are required to
>keep a log book.  No joke!!!!

	I thought it was 16,000 pounds.  Still, my F250, 4X4, extended cab =
5,500, ancient Supreme Stock trailer 3,500 tare  (most of that's the
sliding door I never use).  Add a couple of horses, some gear, a couple of
people, and I'm cruising close to 13,500.  We're eligible for Farm license
-- you should have heard the DMV officer trying to convince us that "Farm"
= "Commercial!!!!".  

	At any rate, forewarned is better than not warned!

I'll be looking for "stories" from Biltmore camp!

BFN Barbara

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