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Re: hr-monitor electrode and neo-girth

>  > If you use a neoprene girth and want to attach a heart monitor electrode,
> get
>  > a velcro watchband and put it around the girth.  The electrode will stick
> to
>  > it just fine.  The soft fuzzy side of the velcro is next to the horse and
>  > doesn't cause any problem.
>  On my neoprene-girths I fix the electrode with some super-glue (my 
> electrodes do 
>  not have any velcro on the back). Before fixing them, I make a little hole 
> in 
>  the girth to get the wire thru and lead the wire all thru the inside of the
>  neo-girth. So it is safe against everything.
Use the Velcro that you stick on (rather than sew on).  Stick the loop half of
the velcro on the neoprene girth and stick the hook half of the velco on the
electrode.  Works for me.              Has held up for several years.   I've
had to replace the girth before I've had to replace the stickie velcro.

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