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search & rescue/kicking incident (LONG)

>Interestingly enough, it was a kicking incident almost identical to the
>fictitious story Ramey Peticolas-Stroud wrote about in EN -- which I read

Perhaps this will help make more riders aware of the dangers out on the
trail.  Regardless of who is at fault, if you ride long enough you are
likely to encounter somebody who has been injured; or become injured

It is a good idea for anybody who does spend a lot of time out on the trail
to become first aid and CPR certified.  Nobody likes to feel helpless when
their friend is lying on the ground injured and they don't have any idea
about what to do!  Just something to think about.  

There are several resources that can help you get the training...check with
your volunteer fire department, Search and Rescue (usually with the
Sheriff's Office), or the American Red Cross.  

Happy Trails,

in Gardnerville
West Region

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