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RE: search & rescue/kicking incident (LONG)

I believe this story is so important to hear.

	Glenda wrote:

Lakota and I got to participate in our first search & rescue yesterday. 
 he NEVER kicks!"  She said they were riding on the trails

his rider didn't discipline him in anyway, and was
taken by surprise when he kicked 

1 - Watch out for those habitual kickers!  Don't even get close to them,
especially if the rider doesn't discipline them.  It's only a matter of
time before something really bad happens.  

A very good friend of mine had a major family problem, so I have been keeping her two dogs and two horses for the past two months.  I have plenty of pasture, so I wasn't worried, and I volunteered to do it.

The problem began when I realized that these horses had also never been disciplined.  The big morgan, not only terrorized my horses, but he challenged me when I tried to do anything around the barn.  Fortunately, the owner was not around, so I was able to correct the problem on the spot, but it made me realize how vulnerable we and our horses are to those who are not bad, just simply not disciplined.
Now I realize how "at risk" I have been all this time riding with her.  She had assured me that even though her horses made threatening gestures, he had "never kicked".  He actually kicked with both feet directly at me when I was on the ground, fortunately I saw it coming, and it made me mad instead of scared.  He will go home a safer horse, but it could have been a serious disaster for both me and my horses.


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