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RE: saddles

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From:	Joy H Mahler []
Sent:	Friday, May 08, 1998 6:08 PM
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Subject:	saddles


I just sold my sport saddle because it did not fit my horse.  My mare has a round body style and a medium to short back.
 The saddle rode forward on my horses back and caused girth galls. Also where I sat compressed and her back had some soreness. The biggest problem I encountered was the placement of my legs.  They were behind where they should rest and it made my knees really torque. 
I exchanged the fittings for the stirrups and girth..actually I just moved one to the other. I thought this would do two things: first it sat the girth back off my horses elbow and moved it away from the area that got galled.  That was the theroy. Second it would move my leg forward under my seat.I also felt that I was always sitting on top of her withers, it was not a good balance point.
A saddle maker could not fix this because the saddle is glued to itself and the stitching is just cosmedic.

Moving the stirrup was a good move,  my knees immediately got better and the ride was comfortable.  I still was sitting on top of the withers but with my legs under me it seemed a better position.  The girth move did not help the galling so I went to using different girths.  The best was the neopreme.  But a heart monitor won't stay attached to that and that is a whole different story of trials and errors. Basically I put vet wrap around it and it held. Replacement every ride or so.

I might be interested in your Ortho-Flex.  I have an Express-lite  that is old but it works for my mare although it is heavy for her.

Good luck in your search for the saddle of your horses dream.  I'm a light weight if that helps you any and have over 4000 miles of trail experience. I'm also looking for the saddle of my mare's dream.

Have a great ride.
Joy from Virginia

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