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Re: Feeding Ground Molasses & Alfalfa molasses

I'll second the benefits of the Body Builder product - it contains
 gamma oryzanol  - a rice hull derivative. Non-steroidal anabolic 
agent - also stimulates appetite. Apparently it's also used at feed 
lots instead of anabolic steriods. I've been using it for 5 months 
now on one of my horses - really do see a difference. Tom Ivers 
sells the stuff -


>I've had lots of success putting weight on older horses with teeth and 
>digestive problems using an extruded feed (looks like dog food) that is 
>13% fat called Martins High Performance.  Also Michael Plumb's horse 
>journal gave a very high rating to Body Builder for adding weight and 
>muscle to thin horses.
>Susan Jaeger
>Pickardville, AB
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