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Skowronek Question/Arkansas Jihad

I was intrigued by the S. African gentleman's question regarding 
Skowronek; my computer threw up when I tried to download all the info he 
sent. I also privately e-mailed him and have not heard back yet. Mention 
was made of the Otts and the BlueList-Blue Star business from way back 
in the 70's. Those people were BIZARRE to say the least, eccentric 
breeders with a fanatical view of purity-- one could call them the Jihad 
of Arkansas. It's a real shame to see anyone trashing wonderful old 
Skowronek, just like people trashing *Bask bred horses. There are good 
and not so good in both bloodlines; the cross has produced some pretty 
fantastic individuals.So for those of you not familiar with the Blue 
star-Blue List folks (the Otts and Co.), take what they have to say 
about Skowronek and Lady Wentworth with a large dose of electrolytes!

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