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Re: dark urine - Bucci Leaves Feeding?

At 01:27 PM 5/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I have another question related to Nora's.  Where I board my horse they
>monitor the color of my horse's urine.  If the urine appears cloudy they
>feed Bucci (spelling?) Leaves.  Does anyone else feed Bucci Leaves or
>have additional information on their use?

"Buchu, Agathosma betulina

"Diaphoretic, diuretic, and stimulant, buchu is used as a urinary
antiseptic for bladder inflammation. However, in vivo effecs against
urinary pathogens have not yet been proved. Diuresis is due to diosphenol,
which also has antiseptic and bactericidal activities.  Its LD50 is only
212 mg/kg when administered to rats..."
			from "Complementary and Alternative Veterianry Medidine, Shoen and Wynn,

I have also heard of Uva ursi being referred to as 'Buchu'. 
It is a urinary antiseptic and a mild diuretic, and soothing to
inflammation of the lower urinary tract, according to the information in
"CAVM". It may be stimulatory to the uterus, and thus should be avoided in
pregnant animals.

				--CMNewell, DVM

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