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Hepar Sulphuris?

Thanks for all the responses about sweating out an abcess in my horse's
neck.  following some suggestions, his neck is Saran wrapped with duct
tape to hold it in place, as nothing else worked.  Also, I went to a GNC
health products store, couldn't find anything about Numotizine (will ask
vet ASAP), and found a few different Hepar Sulphuris combinations, all
with Calcareum. I bought the one with Goldenseal in it, but it also has
some Arsenicum album, and others non-toxic sounding items. Did I get the
right one?  I lost the address of the person who suggested this.  They
had one that sounded even better with Hepar also, but it had Belladona,
which scared me off.  Anyone got an idea whether I should feed this to
my horse, or use it myself.  It's a homeopathic medicine for Sinus
relief.  The one with Belladona was for skin problems and abcesses.  I'm
continuing the antibiotics my vet prescribed, but we need to get rid of
the abscess before he has to open it.  Thanks again.  Randi

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