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I tried the Slypner shoes on my gelding about a year ago.  They are impossible
to shape, so if your horse has steep quarters, i.e. his foot is not round,
they will not work.  The Slypner people know this, but do not alert you before
buying.  They were very nice about refunding my money, but it was a long and
arduous shoeing session that could have been avoided with correct information.
We managed to get all four feet shod, although the molded rubber would not
seat properly on one of the shoes--my subsequent phone call to Slypner
informed me that the rubber has a "memory" and that is why you cannot change
the shape of the shoe and have the rubber stay in.  So we had to remove the
shoes.  But for the evening that Flyer had them on, he was floating on air on
the asphalt--no kidding, he was like Kareem Abdul Jabbar!  I'd dearly love to
use them, but they don't make a shape that fits his foot.

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