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Re: Stiff hose Stakeout

Hey Raymound,

I have tried to e-mail you many times over a few months period regarding
these stakeouts but I keep getting my mail returned as undeliverable.
Somehow your return e-mail address doesn't work.

If you look in the archives I brought up the subject of stakeouts, well
over a year ago. I think they are great and was wondering why I didn't
see them at the rides.

I made the setup by myself but bought a stake with a loose spinning ring
attached at the top. (I think the guy had an ad in TrailBlazer) I used
A/C hose but it is not stiff enough. What kind of hose should I use and
where do I buy it? The hardware store did not have anything stiffer than
what I bought. Also, does the hose go all the way to the clip on the

Could you help me with hose and do you see a problem with my stake
instead of the axile?



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