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Computer photos

Okay!  I admit that I'm computer illiterate and only turn the thing on to
read Ridecamp and check Endurance Net.  You will never recognize me at
ridecamp from my language as RAM to me is still a sheep, MEG a girl's name
and MEMORY something that routinely lapses!  BUT, am I the only Ridecamper
whose computer takes 10 minutes to download pictures that I can never see or

I have followed Greg Miles's information with great interest as I too like
to study bloodlines.  I waited patiently while the Ridecamp Issue 380
downloaded in 8 separate parts for 12 minutes but now all I have is 7 and
1/2 sections of computer language that is incomprehensible.  This is the
second time in a week that I have spent large amounts of time downloading,
only to find that pictures sent to Ridecamp would translate into my computer
(Issue 354 too).  Help--what am I doing wrong.

Joane and Herd

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