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Re: Woolback Skito Equalizer

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   at 10:38 AM, said:

>Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 09:31:07 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Gabrielle Wilhovsky <>
>Subject: Woolback Skito Equalizer
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>I have searched the archives and it seems that everyone prefers the 100%
>wool next to the horse.  When I recently called the company concerning
>their pads, the person I spoke with said the 65% wool/35% poly wicked the
>moisture away better.  This goes against everything I've ever read or
>heard.  Has anyone out there had better luck with the blend???  They cost
>quite a bit of money and I want the best "bang for the buck."  Thanks,


Having talked to Toklat at product shows I have learned that they make the
woolback material in a blend only. Toklat is the maker of Woolback and
Coolback materials and pads made from those materials. I don't know if
there are any other manufacturers of these type products since Toklat is
the #1 horse product supplier.
Anyway the blends do not crush or bunch up into little knots like 100%
wool fleece does. 100% wool fleece will bunch up and lose it's loft after
some time. The polyester being non-absorbant allows liquids to wick away
more quickly. Faster liquid transfer tranlates into a cooler surface
against the back of the animal. Hope this helps.

Raymond Santana
Network  Operations
UC Davis Medical Center
Sacramento, CA  or

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