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Re: Woolback Skito Equalizer

Hi Gabrielle, I asked the same question a few weeks ago as
this information also came as a surprise to me.  I received a
number of replies and the consensus was that the 65/35 does
do a better job.  I have one pad that is 65/35 and have no
problems with heat, so I decided to stick with what the company
recommended and ordered the blend.

Jude Hall & Kentucky Redbud
Granville Ohio

>I have searched the archives and it seems that everyone prefers the
>100% wool next to the horse.  When I recently called the company
>concerning their pads, the person I spoke with said the 65% wool/35%
>poly wicked the moisture away better.  This goes against everything
>I've ever read or heard.  Has anyone out there had better luck with
>the blend???  They cost quite a bit of money and I want the best "bang
>for the buck."  Thanks,
>Get your free address at

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