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Re: confining horses at rides

> get 'hard core' for the rides, is there really an advantage that has been
> evaluated in a scientific manner for the advantage of the pens over the
> tying--excluding the obvious horses that won't tie or try to self destruct
> when tied.

I know that Lakota moves around a lot in his pen (it's 18' x 18' steel
panels from Farnam), and it's definitely an advantage for him.  I'm sure
the personality of the individual horses determines how much they move
around, but he's usually pretty busy in there. :) Visibly, I can see that
his legs don't fill when he's in the pen overnight, the way they do when
he's tied to the trailer or put in a small stall.  I have to believe 
there's a correspondent advantage in flexibility vs. stiffness too.

Glenda & Lakota
Mobile, AL

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