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Arabian endurance bloodlines

Thank you all for the replies and advice on shoes absorbing shock.
I live in South Africa and have a small Arabian stud with the sole purpose of breeding endurance and  riding horses.
I have not been breeding for long but have a very keen intrest in bloodlines.
There is a large database of endurance riding results (South African) speaking under correction it dates back to the early seventies. I am at present trying to get hold of this information as to see which lines have proved themselves in endurance.
The Endurance governing body is not at all keen to give out this info which I believe belongs to the riders.
I have noticed the the arabian" park horses " do well in endurance here in South Africa . I have got a grand daughter of S.A.F Firstaar ( El Sattaar x Nezonna) born 28 Jan 1975 Firstaar won the south african Park horse championship at 18 years of age. (Firstaar was imported from Texas I think)
I have also read up about the Kellog stud and have been using a stallion which descends from Rabiyas who was imported to south africa by P.J.Van der Merwe of the Vlinkfontein stud many years ago .
How do the american show lines do in endurance?
I was asked by a lady I met who comes from the states about bloodlines and I said the only few horses I Know are El shaklan, Bask, Khemosabi,Ceylon .
I believe there is a cd released with all the bloodlines in the world on it , Does anyone know about this?
Happy riding
Cheers Greg Miles
El Barec Arabians.

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