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Re: Pioneer award

On Mon, 4 May 1998 10:11:41 EDT, BMcCrary27 <>

>In a message dated 98-05-02 12:32:28 EDT, you write:

><<  I
> would hate to think that our organization is run by the limitations of
> the computer program.  There should be a way to individually enter the
> data to give credit to an individual who completes 5 day ride.  Lets
> face it, the rider completed 5 days of a multi-day ride and I think the
> rider should be given credit. >>

I'm not sure what you're saying the problem is here.  The Pioneer Ride
program has always recognized those who complete the entire Pioneer
Ride (one horse, one rider).  

>Terry, I agree with you completely that the rider should receive credit for
>the entire ride as a pioneer ride.  However, if the office computer can't
>handle it, it was my suggestion that ride managers shouldn't mix up their
>configurations, i.e. call two of the five days a 2-day 100.  If the computer
>can be programmed to handle these odd arrangements, then that would be great.
>I think it's going to be a problem, however.  It's taken so long as it is to
>arrive at a program that can tabulate points.  It probably will be time
>consuming and costly to remake the program.  I'm have no knowledge of
>designing software, but am saying this based on what I've heard.

Part of having and using a computer for recordkeeping is designing and
maintaining the computer program to keep the records you need.  I
agree with the previous poster that "the computer doesn't handle that"
is a poor reason for not implementing a desired ride program.


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