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Re: Pioneer award

In a message dated 98-05-02 12:32:28 EDT, you write:

<<  I
 would hate to think that our organization is run by the limitations of
 the computer program.  There should be a way to individually enter the
 data to give credit to an individual who completes 5 day ride.  Lets
 face it, the rider completed 5 days of a multi-day ride and I think the
 rider should be given credit. >>

Terry, I agree with you completely that the rider should receive credit for
the entire ride as a pioneer ride.  However, if the office computer can't
handle it, it was my suggestion that ride managers shouldn't mix up their
configurations, i.e. call two of the five days a 2-day 100.  If the computer
can be programmed to handle these odd arrangements, then that would be great.
I think it's going to be a problem, however.  It's taken so long as it is to
arrive at a program that can tabulate points.  It probably will be time
consuming and costly to remake the program.  I'm have no knowledge of
designing software, but am saying this based on what I've heard.


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