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Re: Why do you want families to pay more?


Go to the member renewal web page form.  It states very clearly
that adult family members must be married or declare a "domestic 
partnership" (got to be politically correct dont you know.)  It also
states plainly that children must be dependents.  An aunt or uncle 
cannot put a niece or nephew interested in endurance on their base
or single membership. I really do not consider renting one big place 
together with my parents for economy 
instead of each of us trying to rent a small place where we can keep horses 
a "domestic partnership".  Besides which I can see no good reason why 
"families" should have to live in the same house, AERC is not reporting to
 the census or any other government agency.  If people can work out the 
distribution of membership cards, EN, et al then there is no reason for 
AERC to need to know the addresses of the additional group members.  The 
only reason I can imagine for why AERC has to be so restrictive of who can 
be on a family membership is that they lose money on them.  I'm willing to
pay a little extra for memberhips to support jrs. but not adults.  


> I see NOWHERE that a "family" have to be married.  In fact, IF it
> was true, I would think it is in violation of discrimination
> laws!!!  The idea is that a "family" resides together....that's
> becasue each "family" gets ONE AERC News.
> Teddy

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