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Re: Adding Gas tanks.

Here is a few suggestions regarding you search for a truck.  First, stick with a chevrolet as you already are doing(my personal opinion).  Second, If you are going to be hauling anything of size or you think you would really like a long bed then get it.  The two foot difference is not that big when parking but when you have to load something in the back and the 6 foot bed is to short you will regret chosing the wrong one.  I have a long bed crew cab dually and even though I take up two parking spots and can not fit in most drive-thrus I would not be happy with anything smaller. 
The extended cab is definitly nice on the newer trucks since most give you an additional door.  As far as the fuel tanks, I am pretty sure you can get either the 30+ gallon tank or a dual tank set up on the long bed.  I have the dual 25 gallon tanks which are great with having a 454 engine and pulling a 4-horse trailer.  When I picked up the truck the tank switch did not work and there is nothing more annoying than stopping every 100 miles for gas.  If you are really set on getting a short bed then your one possibility might be a custom hot rod shop.  They can customize a vehicle with any size fuel cell or fabricated tank.  I have also seen people have 31 gallon tanks taken off older Chevy trucks and have them fit them under the bed where the spare tire goes on the newer trucks, only creating the problem of where to put the spare tire.  One other thing I have seen is large fuel tanks placed in the bed of the truck, but then causes the problem of loss of bed space. 

I hope this was of some help.  I realize being in CA there are lots of rules and regulations on vehicles.  
You could always get a diesel!  :-)

Andrew in Pa.


On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 14:49:57   Alison Dunn wrote:
>I'm looking at trucks - ideally I'd like an extended cab long-bed, but
>for parking considerations I need to look at short beds.  However, the
>short-bed trucks have smaller gas tanks - the Chevrolet Silverado only
>has a 25 gallon capacity! With a big engine, that wouldn't last me
>long pulling over the Sierras.
>You can't special order one with a bigger tank either.  I have called
>all over trying to get an idea of how much it would be to add on a
>10 gallon tank, or replace with a bigger one.  I can't find anyone
>that will add a gas tank.  Does anyone out there (in California) know
>anyone that will do this?  It's more difficult here, because of all
>the extra smog stuff (there is some sort of re-circulating of gas
>vapors.)  Any suggestions would be appreciated! (I'm located in the
>Bay Area, but I'll travel if needs be!)
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