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Online calendar question answer

In response to:

Tried to print the calendar, but for some reason, my computer locks up
and says I am trying to perform an illegal operation. Also, is this
going to be all of the 1999 NW rides? Or will more be added later? 


The rides listed in the online ride calendar are only the 
ones that the AERC has received and approved so far.  There are lots
of rides that come in later during the ride year and are listed 
online when I get them.  There may be a number of rides also not
listed yet as they have not passed all the way through the sanctioning

So you should assume that there will be more 1999 NW rides listed
during the coming year.  You could try to get a heads up on the 
rides you are interested in)but not listed) by looking at the last 
years manager -
and either calling or e-mailing to see if they are going to do it 

Sorry I can't help much on the printing lockup.  Perhaps - Mr. Gates...

You can try one other thing - go to

select the categories you want - then try the plain ascii button.
this produces plain old text and it may print better.  You lose
all the nice graphics Russ did but it may work...

Mike Maul
W/CT/ Regions

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