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Re: Horses and Herbs

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From: Joane White <>

>Some of the herbs you are discussing will "test".  No one
>has told me why or what specific substances are being tested for so this
>makes it awfully difficulty to warn you about which ones might be a long
>term problem.

If one wants to honestly play by the rules as they now exist, the question
is not whether they test are not, but whether they are normally found in the
horse, and in what quantity.

>The next step if to plant the herbs in your pastures and put them up in
>hay.  Your horses know what they need better than you do, particulary if
>they have been turned out as young animals.

They know so well, they don't ever eat poisonous plants. Despite potential
problems with an all alfalfa diet, guess which hay the horse will eat. Put a
50 lb sack of grain and bale of grass hay in front of then and see if the
horses know which one to eat.

>Joane and the Herd
>Price, Utah

Duncan Fletcher

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