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Proposed AERC Membership Fees

There have been several posts on ridecamp about restructuring the AERC
Membership Fees .  Additionally, there is a separate and different
proposal from California that I received in the mail yesterday. 

The following is from the 1985 AERC Procedure manual:  

"In 1975 an AERC single membership was $5.00 and a family membership was
$10.00.  Since that time membership has gradually increased along with
the cost of everything else.  At the February 1984 director's meeting the
following dues increase was passed, effective April 1, 1984:  $30.00
single; $40.00 family and $5.00 per additional member.  Plus, a $5.00
processing fee for new members."

Looking back at old EN's, I see that dues continued to increase - in 1988
they were $40.00 single; $50.00 family and $10.00 per additional member. 
Then, in the mid 1990's the Board realized that we (AERC) were teetering
on the brink of  a financial chasm, and the only recourse was to raise
dues to our present structure of $65.00 single;  $75.00 family and $10.00
per additional member.   Obviously, AERC was not bringing in enough
income to pay our bills.  And in fact, we are just now reaching a point
in the tunnel where some light can be seen.

Of course, I know none of the above answers the question of equitable
dues structure.  However, until we know exactly what it costs AERC per
each member, and the declining cost when additional family members are
added into the formula, I don't know how anyone can come up with a
realistic pricing of dues.  

I suggest, while dues are still what they are..those who have not been
members of AERC since 1995 and those who have never been members join now
using the SUNDOWNER TRAILERS, INC. Membership Discount.  You can join as
a Full Member of AERC for $48.75 single and $56.25 family, a 25% savings.

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