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Re: Grand Staircase

One other aspect to beware of is the fact that, at least here in Idaho, is the BLM filing for all water rights in a particular area. Idaho has received 15,000 filings for water rights obstensively for "Wild life and stock use".  Very shortly the BLM will control the water and when you control the water you control the land.
Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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Date: Tuesday, December 29, 1998 11:40 AM
Subject: Grand Staircase

In a previous message on ridecamp concerning the Grand Staircase Escalante National Momument between Lovell and Connie Berto..... and many thanks to these wonderful equine trail preservationist!!!!!..... it was mentioned that the Forest Service gave our ride, The Outlaw Trail Historical Endurance Ride, alot of rif raff.  Not so.  In fact, the Forest Service has been grand support of not only our ride but all equine use in this area The Dixie National Forest.  The thorn in our sides has been the BLM!!!!!!  The Bureau of Land Management has and continues to harass equestrians as well as just about everyone who wants to enjoy the land.
We have made some big steps with communication this past 6 months with the BLM at the regional and supervisor levels, in other words going above the Escalante Resource Area management.  This local office seems to operate under the pretense that BLM lands are owned by the BLM.  Not so.  Always keep in mind that BLM and Forest Service management are to manage OUR PUBLIC LANDS.  We the public own these lands.
Thank you for your interest and your continuing support of keeping our public lands open to our equestrian trails!

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