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Re: Horsey colds and cures

In a message dated 12/28/98 3:52:31 PM EST, writes:

<< BUT, when ANY horse visits or comes to stay at my place, they are
 QUARANTINED for at least a week...more like ten days.  They may
 be fine, but they can carry something my horses do not have an
 immunity to.
 This has paid off.  I have NEVER had a horse with a cough or a
 cold.   >>
This has been my experience also.  I have 22 horses/ponies on the farm, have
owned or cared for 100's of horses over the last 25 years....with not one
snotty nose!
I quaritnine at least two weeks and use precautions when handleing, grooming,
feeding the new ones.  I handle new horses last every time, therefore I do not
have to wash so well <G> I use a fully enclosed stall that allows free access
to a small paddock for the two weeks.  It can be rather a fuss with outside
mares coming to be bred, but so far, its been worth it.

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