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Fw: EQ-ResQ: Fw: STOLEN HORSE!!!! Pennsylvania

> From:
> Subject: Re: EQ-ResQ: Fw: STOLEN HORSE!!!!   Pennsylvania
> Date: Sunday, December 27, 1998 9:27 PM
> How devastating.  My biggest fear is that Hank may be sold at the New
> Auction this monday, tomorrow!!!!  It does no good to call them as they
do not
> follow the law like they should and it would be best if someone armed
with a
> picture could be at the sale.  Many horses can fit a description,
therefor a
> picture is best.  There are several people on the ERlist that go to New
> Holland.  My suggestion would be to see if someone could scan a picture
> Hank, make a post to the list about anyone going to New Holland on
monday, and
> send anyone who responds the picture over the net.  My prayers are with
> and his owner.  
> Sharon in PA

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