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Re: Saddle Question

Try a crupper.  If your saddle doesn't have any rings for one I am sure you
could find someone through a local tack shop who would put some on for you or
know someone who could.


> I have an OF Cutback that is the newer, shorter panels.  Had to give up
> using it on my high-withered Saddlebred because it bit him behind the
> shoulders, particularly on the downhills.  On my narrow, purebred Arabian,
> it slides over the shoulder blades on downhills.  I don't love that
> situation either, but it doesn't seem to cause him any discomfort and rights
> itself on level ground.
> Susan Swope
> AERC SE Region
> Kentucky
> Nagzarus Farm
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> Date: Saturday, December 26, 1998 6:04 PM
> Subject: Saddle Question
> >Do any of you have the OF Cutback - this year's model - with the new
> panels? I
> >have one here that belongs to a friend and she left it for me to look at.
> She
> >says it sits down oddly on her horse's back and rather bites him too far
> >forward instead sitting over a larger area of his back in a balanced way. I
> >have been checking it out and it LOOKS like the panels -newly designed to
> be
> >shorter - are TOO SHORT for her rather long backed horse. Has anyone else
> had
> >this problem? She just bought it, it was delivered a few weeks ago and she
> >can't use it. I am not sure this saddle will ever it her horse. I have seen
> >her horse and it just looks to me like it is too short in the panels -
> perfect
> >for my little 14.2 hand mare, but her horse is 15.2 and rather blocky in
> >build.
> >
> >Okay, let's here from you experienced saddle owners!
> >Sandy
> >

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