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Re: I'm new to the list--Hello<waving>

Dear Karla,
I'm not from your area but we have a Missouri Fox Trotter mare and have used
her competitively this last year (she's 18) and she is a dream.... my sister
also has a Tennesee Walker... those gaited horses just don't seem to run out
of steam!!!  The two of these together on the trail is an experience!!  :)
There is a knack to riding a gaited horse and we had to learn how.  It helps
if the saddle sits a bit farther back (we ride her English) and to ride
collected.... our mare had only been ridden in a western fashion and the
people didn't care for her gait but I think that is because they always
wanted to walk or gallop everywhere!  It took her awhile to learn to tuck
her head and drive from behind and she can now "trot" alongside my gelding
at his extended trot (or a slow lope if he's giving me a bumpy ride!) and
she MOVES down that trail, never breaking stride!  You will love yours!  I
have heard that gaited horses tend to have a high pulse and respiration but
she always passed vet checks OK.  After all, she's 18!  I am jealous!  :)  I
would  love a black and white MFT!!  :)  Good luck and HAVE FUN in the years
to come!

Karla Koch Dick wrote:

> Hello, I've just found this list in the last day, and I'm hoping to find
> people on here from my area.
> Is anyone on this list from the Bryan/College Station/Welborn, TX area?
> I've recently added a Missouri foxtrotter to the family and look forward
> to getting out on trail with him.
> His name is Tab and he is black and white, the MFT people call it
> spotted everyone else says pinto patterned<GG>, a bit over 16 hands,
> laid back, quiet, calm, and a bit lazy.  However, his previous owners
> say he likes to go down the trail and never appears to run out of
> energy.
> The only problem I have with him is I'm short, and rather out of shape
> but working on it.  I need a box to mount though.  I don't think I've
> been able to mount anything that tall from the ground in YEARS.  Other
> than too tall, I consider him practically perfect in every way.:-)
> Anyone around this area distance ride?  I'd like to get started and
> conditioning from a book is just not the same as having a riding buddy
> with more experience to encourage me.
> Karla

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