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Re: I'm new to the list--Hello<waving>

Welcome to the list Karla! I'm sure you will be overwhelmed with the
information to be found here! (I know I was).  :-)

Stephanie McCray
Golden, CO

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From: Karla Koch Dick <>
To: Ridecamp <>
Date: Sunday, December 20, 1998 7:44 AM
Subject: I'm new to the list--Hello<waving>

Hello, I've just found this list in the last day, and I'm hoping to find

people on here from my area.

Is anyone on this list from the Bryan/College Station/Welborn, TX area?

I've recently added a Missouri foxtrotter to the family and look forward

to getting out on trail with him.

His name is Tab and he is black and white, the MFT people call it
spotted everyone else says pinto patterned<GG>, a bit over 16 hands,
laid back, quiet, calm, and a bit lazy.  However, his previous owners
say he likes to go down the trail and never appears to run out of

The only problem I have with him is I'm short, and rather out of shape
but working on it.  I need a box to mount though.  I don't think I've
been able to mount anything that tall from the ground in YEARS.  Other
than too tall, I consider him practically perfect in every way.:-)

Anyone around this area distance ride?  I'd like to get started and
conditioning from a book is just not the same as having a riding buddy
with more experience to encourage me.


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