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Re: Weather

SE Tenn
Christmas Eve..

COLD 32 deg F
ICE all over
Trees down - on yard cahin link fence.. missed the office by 4 ft
Trees down on the horse fence..
Tress down on our woods trails-- all of them- major  closed just on our

did I say ICE.. 
Power out for full day-- 
Been on the Gen set..
doing ok.. spent the AM doing the wiring job 	I should have done this

HAve a 5k Honda electric start.. does well on fuel
Running full time. I run the water pump and all the lights etc..
as well as the office..
I cut off the extra lights I dont need.

Runs a bit under 115volts  and the Ups backup power keeps going on-off
so I am direct to the line.

You really need back up power up here.. the lines come down all the time 
-- they have been looking for the bust all day.. been past here about 10
times-- they cant find the problem??? 

anyway - all have a nice Christmas
Roger and Carol
 and the COLD wet troops

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