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Re: Weather

Dear Connie, Drin and any other ridecamper who just can't work up much empathy
for the "climate controlled" contingent from S. Cal or "those Southern states"
(y'all know who you are, too . . .),
     Oh yeah Connie, I'm having a blast.  Took an hour to feed this morning
(usually takes 20 minutes).  Pulling on three layers of clothes before
venturing outside, warming up water for the barn cats, staggering over the
frozen lunar landscape of churned up mud . . . now solid as rock . . . hacking
ice out of buckets . . . hacking "snowballs" out of the shoes (coming off this
week) . . . wondering if we can make it through the winter without any pipes
freezing anywhere on the farm . . . lots of fun.  Why do you ask? <G>
    As for you S.W. Montanans . . . well, hey, you've gotta "pay" for living
in just about the most beautiful place on earth SOMEHOW don'tcha???  Throw
another log on the fire and go rent "Bite the Bullet" or something . . . <VBG>
     As for me, I'm going to go try to work up some sympathy for Angie and her
60 degree, bouncy ride . . .

Trish & pretty David,
Grand Blanc, Michigan

<< Trish,
 Here in western WA, (you know, the guys who complain about mud?) it's near 0
 this a.m. with 6" of snow on the ground.  The roads are sheet ice.  Are we
 having fun yet?
 Connie H.
 Drin & Jim Becker wrote:
 > "
 > Dear Lynne and Barb,
 >      I'm trying to work up some empathy for y'all but it's gonna be
 > difficult:
 > standing temps are supposed to be about 15 degrees in Michigan tomorrow,
 > with
 > high winds driving a wind-chill factor which will make the how-cold-it-
 > actually-feels temperature down between -20 to -45.  No, I won't be riding.
 >      Happy Holidays from gray, (and colder) Michigan. (Now we are probably
 > going to hear from the Alaskan contingent . . .<g>)
 > Trish & pretty David,
 > Grand Blanc, Michigan
 > Not quite the Alaskan contingent but close , Heck guys the weather you guys
 > are complaining about is t-shirt weather here in southwestern Montana :-)))
 > We've had 36 below ( not counting windchill ) for the last few days here
 > but this morning we warmed up to only 29 below ! Our big hole valley makes
 > cutbank seem like the banana belt of Montana ....<bg>
 >                            Drin & Bo
 >                            S.W. Mt >>

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