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Re: Weather


Here in western WA, (you know, the guys who complain about mud?) it's near 0
this a.m. with 6" of snow on the ground.  The roads are sheet ice.  Are we
having fun yet?
Connie H.

Drin & Jim Becker wrote:

> "
> Dear Lynne and Barb,
>      I'm trying to work up some empathy for y'all but it's gonna be
> difficult:
> standing temps are supposed to be about 15 degrees in Michigan tomorrow,
> with
> high winds driving a wind-chill factor which will make the how-cold-it-
> actually-feels temperature down between -20 to -45.  No, I won't be riding.
>      Happy Holidays from gray, (and colder) Michigan. (Now we are probably
> going to hear from the Alaskan contingent . . .<g>)
> Trish & pretty David,
> Grand Blanc, Michigan
> Not quite the Alaskan contingent but close , Heck guys the weather you guys
> are complaining about is t-shirt weather here in southwestern Montana :-)))
> We've had 36 below ( not counting windchill ) for the last few days here
> but this morning we warmed up to only 29 below ! Our big hole valley makes
> cutbank seem like the banana belt of Montana ....<bg>
>                            Drin & Bo
>                            S.W. Mt

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