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Re: Fun with Fitness!!

> 1. His pulse is 60 in 2 minutes at a vet check and goes down to
> 40 in 10 minutes......
> Keep on adding, let's have some fun with education!!!
> Teddy

You know your horse is fit when:

1)  Bushes, fallen trees and bears cease being something to spook at and
turn into just one more fun thing to jump.

2)  Just about the time you start thinking "So, where's the finish
line?", your horse's pulse finally breaks 100 bpm.

3)  Your HRM doesn't give you a pulse, just shows the message, "No
worries, mate".

4)Ride vets look at you suspiciously and accuse you of having trailered,
not ridden, your horse out to all the checks.

5)  Your horse leaves you groaning in your tent while he goes dancing at
the local bar after the last check.

6)  You can leave an hour later with the LD riders, poke through with a
newbie, drop them off at camp, go ride the second 25 mile loop and still
top ten.

7) You finish an FEI ride and still have enough horse to ride into town
for groceries rather than go through all the bother of driving the

Off to the family homestead.  Happy holidays to everyone.

Susan G

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