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Re: horse that crabs

"Angela C. McGhee" <> wrote:
  In the
> rear he trotted wide, but definately crabbed.  These dogs are made
to go
> great distances (usually just so they can get GOOD and LOST). 
Wonder why
> the tendency to crab has been bred into them.  You don't see it much
> my Australian Shepherds, or their equine counterparts, the stock
> Angie

The crabbing phenomenon is so common in dogs that we usually describe
a horse that travels that way as "dog trotting".  I think its normal
for most dogs although I can't explain it. It's not the way we like to
see our horses travel but obviously some do it without major problems.
I remember noticing Jeannie Waldron's great horse Rambo travelling
that way in the NAC in Kananaskis in '93. Held his tail crooked too. 
I am pretty sure he finished in 2nd place (to Rio), sound as a dollar.


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